About Us

It all started with a big dream. A big dream of owning a jewelry business, handcrafting high-quality, unique, and custom pieces for the world while providing the best online shopping experience to a loyal customer base. Our mission is and has always been to deliver fine custom jewelry at affordable prices. 

Master Jeweler, Brian Garcia, has been in the jewelry industry for over 18 years and has mastered the craft through the course of his career. His journey in jewelry began with changing watch batteries while learning basic repairs from other jewelers. He later attended Stewart's International School for Jewelers, where he excelled at stone setting.

After years of jewelry repair and creating some unique pieces of his own, he wanted to expand his talents in the industry by getting into handcrafted jewelry. He then took classes at GIA where he became an Accredited Jewelry Professional and has further dedicated his career to crafting only the highest quality designs with the best materials available. 

Each piece has been created with time and precision with the focus on the quality. There's no better feeling than purchasing a piece that will last a lifetime, knowing that not only has it been carefully handcrafted to be passed on through generations, but that at Forever Gold Jewelry, we are part of these memories with you.